Friday, June 15, 2007

Blog Organization 101

In the beginning I wanted to create a genealogy world on this blog because "this is Good." After spending six days at this computer attempting to get my entire world of genealogy organized in one blog it became necessary to start other blogs per subject matter. Three blogs are now operative necessitating three times the work.

Each blog needed documents and photos that could be added to the site. That meant creating a web album which now has a huge cache of 18 or 19 albums that are loaded with documents and photos; and there are so many more to upload. I have just begun to get them organized. Some photos have captions. Most of the documents are organized by the name of the album. More photos and documents will be added as time permits.

God created the world in six days and said "This is good" each step of the way. I created chaos in six days and said "This better get organized or it gets a Big Bang with the delete key." It is only good in that Google's search index will not pick up the blogs for 4-6 weeks allowing time to find ways to simplify the sites and the photos lest blogging becomes the God of my life.

And you know the rest of the story: "On the seventh day... " But, I need to rest seven days...!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In the Beginning...

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Thanks to cousin Ron for creating a unique blogspot I discovered searching the main page of his website for names on plat maps. This gave me the impetus to strike out on my own with a genealogy blog. The blog was easy to create (thanks to Google).

And now I am ready to begin by posting the surnames that are in my family line that I would like to discuss. Southern ancestral names are: Rambo, Bankston, Sappington, Jarrett, Ivey, Hamlin, Brooks, Cobb, McDonald or McDaniel, Miller and King. The immigrant ancestors appeared as early as 1640 in Pennsylvania (New Sweden) and in Virgina (Jamestowne, Surry and Sussex Counties). This is a hyperlink to my website, The Spirit in the South, on

Norwegian surnames are Vold, Gandrud, Gulsvik, Sefre or Savre. Those names appear in Flaa, Nes of Buskerud County, Norway in the Hallingdal Valley about one and one half hour north of Oslo.

Additional Norwegian surnames are Holstad, Turvold and Forde. Those surnames came from the Sognefjord region of Norway near Vik and of course, Ferduh (phonetic pron.) of Forde. That community is north of the Sognefjord near the Jolster Glacier.

It is good to remember that in Norway the patriarchal naming system was in place until the 20th century when the Norwegian government decided there were too many Ole's in Norway and demanded that everyone adopt a surname. They often took their farm names or the name they were known by in Norway. For instance, Olesson (the son of Ole) became Olson.

This is the link to my website on, Hallingdal to Amerika

In the beginning... it is necessary to clarify that this blogspot is for discussion and information sharing. All of the documentation that I have is posted on the two websites listed above. I may have ideas about how to help you research your family, but I cannot do research for you. Now, let the party begin!