Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blog Organization 101.b (b=bull)

Everywhere I looked today I found organizational systems.

Books have a beginning and an end; they are neatly organized into chapters following the table of contents with an index at the end. That is important to some of us who read only the table of contents and the last page of the last chapter to determine whether the book is worth reading in its entirety.

The theology books on my shelves are organized by Systematics, Church History, Greek and Hebrew studies, Lexicons, several translations of the Bible, reference works, counseling, etc.

My history books are usually organized by specific periods of time such as the Antebellum South, Civil War, etc. History itself has a beginning and is likely to have an end (of life as we know it); and it is organized by time. My time seems to be organized around arising and going to bed.

There are only a couple of books on mathematics, high on the shelf, left over from college days thirty trillion years ago. Mathematics is structurally organized in such a way that I cannot make a negative balance in my check book add up to a positive one unless I go to the bank and add a deposit. There is an end to the negative numbers as far as the bank is concerned. But mathematics really has no beginning or end. It goes on ad infinitum.

My computer is organized using Windows XP Professional as opposed to the newer Vista that I removed a few days ago because it was not well-organized. Google has a great organizational system for finding websites about most anything. Websites I find attractive are not cluttered with too much information.

If I were you I would be thinking about now, "This post is cluttered with too much information! What is the point? Where is the end? It seems like it is going no-where."

But that is the point I am making with this post. A blog is a lot like mathematics with a huge cache (1 GB) of space in time that needs structure and a system of classification for archival purposes. How can it be organized and simplified so that something is easily found when searching the archives? Perhaps the answer is to title posts in this blog by surname, first name, date, with the subject the label: Title: Bankston, Lawrence 1704; Label: RWS documentation???

Yesterday, I read through a lot of blogs; many are narcissistic ramblings of self-absorbed people. Like, who cares? Reading my own ramblings I find that they are often incoherent, disorganized and, like, who cares? Hopefully, the readers of this blog will see the blog become better organized into an easy format to follow on topic.

Like Mary of Nazareth I am pondering all of these things... how can this be?

But the Norwegian genealogy blogspot is moving along beautifully. Check out that blogspot and look at the new pictures:


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