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Anders (Andrew) Bengtsson, 1640-1705

15 March 1656 - the Swedish ship, Mercurious, sailed up the Delaware River. The Dutch did not desire this ship to go up river - but the Indians were friends of the Swedes and permitted the ship to pass the Dutch port. The Rev. Mr. Rudman wrote, "Among the passengers on the vessel was Anders Bengtsson, who this day, April 1703, gave me this verbal account."

Our study follows the Bengtsson line with the emigrant ancestor who was born in Sweden and may have been the son of Peter Bengtsson of Gothenburg, Sweden who supplied cash and merchandise for Admiral Fleming's expedition to the new world.

Andrew was one of the founders of the Gloria Dei Church and was a trustee in 1689. According to memo written by Dr. Collin, it is stated "the parsonage on Passyunk was bought by, or from, Andrew Bengtson, containing eighty acres of land." Andrew Bankson was a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1683, 1686, and 1698. He held many positions of honor and importance in the Colony.

Andrew had many land holdings and left a long line of descendants who took part in the social, religious, and business life of Pennsylvania and other parts of the country in which they settled. His will was probated 2 September 1706 and he names his wife, Gertrude, sons: (Banct) Benjamin, Andreas Jr. (Andrew), Peter, John, Jacob, and Daniel. His daughers were Catherine and Briggetta. The will of Andrew Bankson, Sr. is recorded in Will Book 2, Page 238. city Hall, Philadelphia, PA.

Source: Anne M. Haigler, Bankston Cousins, Florissant, MO.

This is a link to a genealogy website with an article about Anders Bengtsson by Dr. Peter Craig:

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