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Peter Bankston 1729-1803 and Priscilla

Lawrence Bankston and Rebecca Hendricks had six known children:

A daughter married James Lea
Andrew born by estimation 1727, married Ann Adear, died about 1783 in NC
Peter born by estimation 1729, married Priscilla LNU, died about 1803 in GA
Laurence Jr. born by estimation 1731, and died probably bef. 1787
Daniel born by estimation 1733, married Rachel LNU, and died 1811 in GA
Jacob born by estimation 1738-1740, married Jemima LNU and died about 1817 probably in GA

We are going to follow Peter Bankston and his wife Priscilla, whose last name is unknown, by first posting Peter’s timeline before we tell Priscilla’s story.


1729: Birth Peter Bankston probably in York County, Pennsylvania (Dr. Peter Craig, Swedish Colonial Society, Wash., D.C.).

1740-1744: Migration to North Carolina assumedly following the death of Rebecca Hendricks. The death has not been proven.

1747: Peter Bankson signed a petition against construction of a new road in Old Granville County (Granville County, NC Roads 1747).

1750-1754: Marriage date by approximation to Priscilla LNU: Estate Papers of Peter BANKSTON January, 1804, Priscilla BANKSTON proved her head right.

1752-1754: Migration: Edgecombe County, Granville County, North Carolina created out of Edgecombe, Orange County, North Carolina.created out of Granville County (Records of Edgecombe and Orange Counties, North Carolina.

1776 - ?: Possible Book Source: "Land Records: Caswell County, North Carolina Deed Books

Revolutionary War Service in the North Carolina Militia (not proven)

1778: Peter signed a petition for the formation of Montgomery County, North Carolina, along with "James BANKSON (sic), Lawrence BANKSON ( sic), William BANKSON (sic), and Jacob BANKSON (sic)."

1 January 1779: Peter BANKSTON of Anson County, North Carolina land sale; Peter sold to Isaac Reeves 150 acres on the north side of north Hico; the land was purchased originally from his father, Lawrence BANKSTON (Deed Book A, p. 195). In addition, Peter was listed as eligible to vote in Montgomery County, NC in 1779 (Thanks to Joan Bankston).

27 November 1787: Land Sale in Pennsylvania - Peter BANKSTON, Daniel BANKSTON, And Jacob BANKSTON of Wilkes County, Georgia sell 440 acres in Pennsylvania to Mathew Wood of Green County, Georgia.

1787: Tax Returns - Wilkes County, Georgia - Captain Gilmore's District: Peter BANKSTON has 350 acres

1792: Head right Grant: 416 acres in Wilkes County, Georgia. (Source:Mona Herrin and Pat Stevens website)

1796: Land purchased on Clark Creek in Wilkes County: William Adear adjoining Peter BANKSTON.

1797: Land Sale - Peter BANKSTON sells 416 acres to William Adair. Signed by Peter and Presilla (sic) BANKSTON.

1797: Wilkes County Tax Returns - Hamilton BANKSTON has 100 acres on Clark's Creek adjoining John Calaway that was originally granted to Peter BANKSTON.

1779: Land Sale - 1 January, "Peter BANKSTON of Anson County, North Carolina, sold to Isaac Reeves, 150 acres on the North side of North Hico which Peter BANKSTON purchased from his father, Lawrence BANKSTON" (1. Deed Book A, p. 195.; 2. Haigler, op. cit.)

1779: Voters List - Montgomery County, North Carolina. (Haigler, op. cit.)

1797: Wilkes County, Georgia Deeds Books, his wife is listed as "Presilla" (Thanks to Gail Bunch)

1800 August: Priscilla is listed in the deed books of Wilkes County, Georgia .

1800 June 13: Peter and Priscilla LNU are received by letter into Mars Hill Baptist Church of Oconee County, Georgia, formerly Clarke County, Georgia.

Abt. 1803: Death - Peter BANKSTON's death in Clark County, Georgia.

Transcription of the estate papers of Peter BANKSTON of Clarke County, Georgia dated 1804 by Ron S. Beatty.

In the estate of Peter BANKSTON, administration was granted to John Banckston and the undated $10,000 bond was signed by John Banckston (J his mark) and Jacob BANKSTON. Is this the appearance bond of 16 Nov 1809 signed by John BANKSTON [J his mark] and Jacob BANKSTON?(Book H:55) On 30 Jan 1804, administration was granted to Priscillah and John BANKSTON and the $15,000 bond was signed by John BANKSTON (J his mark), Priscillah BANKSTON (Y her mark), Abner BANKSTON (X his mark) and William Watkins.(Book A:170-171)

The appraisers were authorized on 30 Jan 1804 (including Jacob BANKSTON and Abner BANKSTON).On 24 Mar 1804, the appraisement of the inventory totaling $2982.31 was filed by Wm Dyron, David Shay, and Josha Browning. The inventory showed a cash debt of $125 owed by Joshua Browning; $55 owed by Isaac Autry; Jas Stringer $30; Jno Hunton $103 (bad debt); Crocker and A BANKSTON $375; Joseph Clarkson $13 (a bad debt, written off after going to court); Edward Hagans $3; Peter Conner $2; George Earnest $7; and Marcus Robey undeclared (& recorded Book B:128).On 21 April 1804, the vandue bills seem to record the estate sale.

Purchasers include Laurence BANKSTON, William BANKSTON, Andrew BANKSTON, Widow BANKSTON, John BANKSTON, Prissilla BANKSTON, Moses H. Cogburn, James Johnson, Elijah Runnells, Nimrod Taylor, William Smith, Shadrack Carpenter, Isaac Autry (one pail), John Colbert (one bed for the Widow @ $48), James Downs, Henry Shaw, John Jones, Thomas Davis, James Terry, Edward Hagen, Preston Runnells, William Crocke, Frederick Glass, Daniel Craft, Daniel Conner, Benjamin Rudy, William Duke, Nathan Smith, Allen Spurlock, William Binge. Andrew BANKSTON bought land for $500.

On 15 Feb 1805, the statement of accounts showed the estate valued at $3520 after expenses (as of 1 Jan 1805). The expenses included a write-off of $102 note due from John Hunton. On 29 Jr 1806, the statement of accounts showed "Lost at Law on Joseph Clarkson $13" and payments to legatees: Prissilla BANKSTON, Laurence BANKSTON, Thomas Davis, William BANKSTON, and Shadrack Carpenter. On

5 Aug 1808, the 1807 statement of accounts showed an expense "For 12 days attendance on the Sup Court in the case of Ed. Moore vs son of BANKSTON $12" and payments to legatees: Andrew BANKSTON, Nimrod Taylor. 9 Nov 1808 an appearance bond for $2000 was signed by John Banckston [J his mark] and Henry BANKSTON. The receipts in the file and statements of accounts record the following legatees and disbursements:

Prissilla BANKSTON $1284.51 received 21 Apr 1805 (in accounts dated 29 Jr

Laurence Banckston $347 received 31 MAY 1815 (in statement of accounts 29 Jr

Thomas Davis $347 received 31 MAY 1805 by Hiram BANKSTON (in accounts 1806)

William BANKSTON $318.58½ received by Joshua Browning no date (in accounts

Andrew BANKSTON $340 receipt dated 15 Nov 1809 (in accounts dated 5 Aug 1808)

Morris Davis $190 received 13 MAY 1811 by Hiram BANKSTON

Hiram BANKSTON $190 received 14 MAY 1811 by attorney B. Brown

Shadrick Carpenter $318.75 (received by Wm Crocker per accounts dated 29 Jr

Nimrod Taylor $170 (in statement of accounts for 1807 dated 5 Aug 1808)
totalling $3480, (2221.13 vs 2569.02=2x1284.51 =>347 missing; no
receipt for John).

"April 21st 1805 Received of John BANKSTON twelve Hundred Eighty four dollars and fifty one cents which is my Dower of the Estate of Peter BANKSTON Deceased agree to the gross amount Prissella BANKSTON (x her mark)""

MAY 31st 1815 [Ed: should be 1805] Received of John BANKSTON Administrator of the Estate of Peter BANKSTON deceased three hundred and forty seven Dollars in part of my Legacy in the Estate aforesaid Laurence Banckston [Ed: looks more like Susssina]"

"Received of John BANKSTON three hundred and forty seven Dollars It being part of the Legatee falling to Thomas Davis from the Estate of Peter Bangston Deceased this 31th Day of MAY 1805 Hiram BANKSTON [Ed: signature looks like Banksson]"

"Received of John BANKSON Administrator of the Estate of Peter BANKSON Deceased $318.58½ in part of William Banksons Legacy of said Estate Joshua Browning [Son?]"

"15th November 1809, [Received?] of Jno BANKSTON, administrator, of the Estate of Peter BANKSTON Deceased full satisfaction as one of the Legatees of [said] estate also for Prissella BANKSTON Widow of the said Deceased. [Issued?] by me Andrew BANKSTON [Ed: most legible signature]"This receipt is noteworthy:

" MAY the 13th 1811, Received of Bryton [?] Brown for John BANKSTON one hundred & ninety Dollars in full of the legacy due Morris Davis from the Estate Peter BANKSTON, deceased, agreeable to an order given me by Andrew BANKSTON for his mother Pricella BANKSTON. [signed] H Bakston" [obverse says Hiram BANKSTON]

"MAY 14th 1811 By a Power in me Seated [?] from Hiram BANKSTON one of the Legatees of Peter BANKSTON Deceased I acknowledge to have received one hundred and ninety dollars in full of the last Division of the Estate of said Deceased B. Brown Atory for Hiram BANKSTON"

Love from cousin Ron Beatty

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